The most asked question – and what’s wrong with that question?

Can You Help Me I Need Money Fast?

Can you help me? I need money fast…


Can you show me a system that will make me $100.00 a day?


How long will it take to make money with this tool/system?

These are the most asked questions I get via chat and Facebook Messenger.

Of course, I understand the underlying idea… people read my blogs and see that I’m making money with affiliate marketing or…

they read my reviews about an info product or software tool that facilitates online marketing, and want to “make money online” themselves.

But these questions are almost always asked by someone who is financially struggling, and all they can think about is how to make money as fast as possible.

They’re not focused on how they can build a business, or how they can help other people.

It’s all about the money.

If your mindset is focused on your own lack of money, it’s very difficult to focus on helping other people.

And to succeed and make money online, you need a targeted audience with a need/want/problem that you can help to fulfill or solve.

Either via your own product or services, or by referring them to people who or products that can help them (i.e. affiliate marketing).

You see the difference?

From being “selfish” and focused on yourself, you need to focus on helping other people.

What are their problems, needs, and wants? And how can you help them?

If you really help people, usually they will pay you for your help as long as the perceived benefits they’ll get from the products and services you offer, exceed their investment (in time and money).

So, for me it’s very easy to distinguish the people who have a higher change to succeed…

If your head is full of ideas for blog articles, podcasts, videos, books and courses, all designed to help other people, you’re in the right place.

Then you are often so aligned with your inner drive to help others, that you don’t even talk about money.

You know that the money will come once you reach people with their ideas and solutions.

So, the solution to make money online is to really offer help and invest your time and energy to understand your audience better.

Of course, the more you know about a particular problem/need/want and the possible solutions, the better.

So, invest time to do your research and test products and services to find out if these work and can help. This way you’ll become an authority and trusted person who knows the subject and can really help and offer solutions.

You can only achieve this level if you are eager to learn more and want to do the research about the problems, needs, and wants in your “niche”.

Maybe, you become an expert and can even create your own product or services.

But probably the easiest way to start is as an affiliate marketer…

Find and promote quality products and services that are so good that you’ll have no problem to advise them to your friends and family as well.

Besides having an interest in your niche, being motivated and helpful, select your favorite way you want to communicate with your new prospects.

If you are a writer, start a blog. Or create (YouTube) videos, or go live on or use social media if that’s more your style. But start with one major communication method (and become an expert in using that medium).

All you need is a targeted audience with a problem/need/want that you can solve/fulfill with your product/services, plus a way to attract and communicate with them and show your solution.

The moment you have this in place and make you first sales, all you have to do is scale it.

Later you can diversify.

So, the next time someone is asking me one of the above questions…

I will refer to this post and ask them to come back when they have a clear idea about their niche, how they want to help other people (with what kind of products or services), via what medium, and with a real motivation to help others and not based upon their own need for (easy) money.

And yes, in that case, I’m really eager to help.

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