What WordPress Themes am I using?

At the moment I’m using 4 different Themes for my main 4 sites:

What WordPress Plugins am I using?

Cloudflare & SSL certificates

For all my sites I’m using the free services of Cloudflare and these 3 plugins:

  1. Cloudflare Plugin to use Cloudflare’s CDN and Caching services.
  2. CloudFlare Flexible SSL too get free SSL certificates and https secure websites for free.
  3. CloudGuard to use Cloudflare’s GEO Location to restrict access to users by location.

Cloudflare has a free starter Plan with all necessary features included, including free SSL certificates. It’s relatively easy to setup and I can recommend anyone to use it. But you have to know what you are doing.

Hence, I advise you to buy this handy PDF guide ($16.50) that shows you everything you’ll need to setup/transfer your websites to Cloudflare and protect your sites against hackers and other intruders.

In case you want to install your own SSL certificate (and not use the free certificates of Cloudflare), I can recommend you to get Eazy SSL Profits.

It’s a course about how to buy and install a SSL certificate on behalf of your clients and charge a fee (think about $200-$250 per install).

The best part…

As buyer of the course, you’ll get one SSL certificate for free. And in case you’ll need more certificates, you can buy a certificate for a wholesale price of just $27.00.

At the moment the course is about $28.50 (but on dimesale). Hence, a super deal to get a quality SSL certificate and learn how to install them (and offer your installation services to local clients).

Note: the better Hosting companies often give one or more free SSL certificates for their higher priced (quality) hosting packages, as for example A2 Hosting (the one I use for this website, see below).

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Of course, you want your pages to be mobile responsive and be included as AMP proven pages inside the Google Search Engines.

I’m using these 2 plugins: AMP and Accelerated Mobile Pages.

GDPR Compliance

I use Uber GDPR. A great plugin that allows you to create a Cookie Consent box, Privacy Policy and/or T&C Acceptance buttons, a Personal Data Info/Rectification/Deletion request page with one-click emails, and lots of other customization features.

Backups & Security

I use the free plugin UpdraftPlus to backup my sites daily to my Amazon S3 account.

I use the free Wordfence Security plugin to secure all my sites.


I use Cloudflare in combination with the free plugin WP Fastest Cache.


I use the free plugin Yoast SEO for “onsite” SEO.

Plus I use the commercial plugin WP Content Ranker to analyze the Top 10 competitors in Google’s search results for a certain keyword. You can analyze (and use!) your competitors Titles, Headings, Meta (description, tags), LSI Keywords, Most used Keyword Phrases, Ads, External Links and Anchor Text.

Indeed, a very handy tool that’s been integrated in your WordPress editor (no need to open up any other application or browser tab). Not only can you quickly see whether a keyword is difficult to rank for, but you can also find and curate related content (text, images, videos) with drop and drag ease from the 10 ranking sites.

From the same vendor, Abbas Ravji, I use this desktop tool, NichePedia, to easily find related (LSI) keywords.

By the way, I don’t use any backlink tool, don’t buy backlinks or use a Private Blog Network. Creating quality unique content with onsite SEO and sharing on social media is all I do.

Link Tracking & Cloaking
For a long time, I used the free WordPress Plugin Pretty Link Lite for link tracking and to mask my affiliate links (and to make these links shorter and easier to read and remember).

Now I’m also using Clickopia (a cloud-based app) as it allows me to really cloak my links and use all kind of options to include with my affiliate links as retargeting/conversion pixels, split testing, link rotating, better stats and analytics (excluding bots and own traffic), and additional monetization options on the destination URL as popups, bars, and timers.

PDF content Upgrade Plugin
The final and last plugin I use is Post Gopher. Probably you have seen the blue button on my posts/pages where you can download the article as PDF. It’s a set-and-forget simple plugin to give my viewers value and also an email list builder (because you have to opt-in to receive the download URL).

Note: if you are a newbie and want to setup your first WordPress website, it can be overwhelming. Where to start and find quality video tutorials?

You can find free video tutorials all over the web, but it’s very time consuming to find the proper and up-to-date courses covering all the essential details.

Newbie Lessons

Luckily, I bought the resell rights to sell Newbie Lessons ($19.95) consisting of over 300 ‘How To’ Tutorials covering all the Basics of Internet Marketing – including WordPress, Web Hosting, Web Design (HTML & CSS), Affiliate Marketing, Content Creation, and so much more. Simply Login, Watch, Learn & Apply!

Where do I host my domains?

For my smaller and non-critical domains, I still use HostGator. If you are just starting, HostGator is good to start.

But for my main websites, I’m using VPS hosting from A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Coupons

Check out all A2’s latest Coupon Codes for Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting.

I’m very happy with A2 hosting. My main sites have great GTmetrix and uptime scores as you can see in these 2 images…

GTmetrix Report GeorgesReviews

Pingdom Monthly Statement May 2017 GeorgesReviews

What Email Service Provider do I use?

When I started with email marketing, GetResponse was the only ESP who had an exclusive agreement and API/IPN integration with JVZoo. It was the only way to automatically add email addresses to my list from the buyers who bought through my affiliate link.

Nowadays, you can also use Sendlane or use external software applications as Affiliate Trax or ZooWarrior to accomplish this auto integration with JVZoo.

Currently, I’m not really segmenting my lists. I use 4 separate email lists (1 for new reviews, 1 for new hacks, 1 for new product launches, and 1 for new software launches with White Label or Resell Rights).

What, you are not on one of my lists?

Shame you 😉 Just go to this subscription page and select the lists you want to subscribe to.

So, currently I don’t need an advanced ESP/Autoresponder. GetResponse does the job, but if my lists are growing and I want to really segment my list based upon my readers actions and setup “complex” email strategies, I would definitely go for either ConvertKit or Drip.

ConvertKit is the easiest to learn but still has many advanced features. And is the best for content creators and affiliate marketers.

Drip is less easier to learn, but no other ESP can beat Drip with respect to the endless (segmentation and funnel) features especially suited for eCommerce products.

What Page Builder and Popup Tools do I use?

Marketing Pages and Popup Builders

I use Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect to create my popups and marketing pages. Both are part of Thrive Themes where you can become a member and get access to 10 WordPress Themes and 9 Plugins.

With this highly recommended package deal, you get everything you’ll need to create any marketing page or blog style you want. It comes with some clever features as “clever” widgets, headline optimizer, quiz builder, testimonial gathering/displaying, and real evergreen countdown timers.

If your are looking for a cloud-based all-in-one solution – landing pages and popups (even on other people’s websites), check out my review about the WishLoop Suite.

Furthermore, I use WP ProfitBuilder to create bonus pages and for

And I own InstaBuilder 2.0, but won’t use it that much (but it’s OK).

With respect to popup builders, I’m also very impressed by OptiMonk. If I needed more action based messages (popups/bars) based upon my visitor’s behavior, or had an eCommerce store, I would definitely consider OptiMonk.

What Checkout/Shopping Cart App do I use?

I use ThriveCart as my Checkout Cart application. It has many sales conversion boosting features and allows you to create professional checkout pages.

I also use ThriveCart as affiliate platform (as vendor and as affiliate). For example, for many products on, I use ThriveCart.
(Want to promote some of my products as an affiliate? Get your Affiliate links here…)

I wrote an in-depth review about ThriveCart where I compare ThriveCart with SamCart and PayKickStart – all these 3 Checkout apps have affiliate features built-in!

SamCart vs Thrive Cart vs PayKickStart

What software do I use to create my videos?

I’m using Camtasia to create my screen recording (and webcam) videos. It’s not cheap but a good investment because it has so much features.

However, Camtasia comes with a steep learning curve. To get the best out of it and really use all the features, I recommend you to follow this advanced Camtasia Mastery video training ($97.00). Also not cheap, but a fair price if you want to create better and more professional videos (without all the time waist by trying to learn it yourself).

EasyVSL 3.0

For Video Sales Letters (you know the presentations with just a text line on each slide), I use EasyVSL 3.0.

EasyVSL allows you to create professional (kinetic) video slides automatically from a single text document with just one click.

And to synchronize your audio with your text slides used to be very time-consuming…

But with the new Automated Speech Recognition feature, EasyVSL does it automatically for you!

Hence, a big time saver and must have tool if you need to create these Presentation Text Style videos.

Easy Sketch Pro 3.0

For Sketch/Doodle style videos, I use Easy Sketch Pro 3.0. It’s one of the best tools on the market but priced more affordable than for example Doodly.

Explaindio Video Creator

For animated style videos, I use Explaindio 3.0. It has amazing features but takes some time to find out how all these features do work (hence watch the tutorials for the best and fastest results – otherwise it can be frustrating if you start right away to try it yourself).

VideoBuilder App Logo

VideoBuilder App is a compact video editor to create stunning 3D and motion animation videos in minutes. You can easily add a wide array of text effects, motion animations, lower-thirds, intro and outro videos. It comes with built-in media library with hundreds of royalty free images, videos and music for your videos.

But as most exciting feature, you can select and create 3D life-like Male and Female Avatars (choose from over 47 different voices and accidents) and let them speak with your own text by using new amazing Lip-Syncing Text-to-Speech technology (or use your own voice).

Created by the same vendors, Todd Gross and Paul Ponna, I also use VideoPal. With VideoPal you can show life-like Avatars or real life spokesmen (with transparent background) on your website (in the corner of your screen). Great for short explainer and attention grabbing messages to emphasize certain content on your website.

Finally, read my post How to create attention grabbing video ads without being a pro in video creation? for additional tips and tools.

As you can’t get enough resources, I created 2 overview pages with all kind of package deals full with elements that you can use to create your videos:

What tools do I use for broadcasting webinars?

At the moment, I don’t do live webinars. But I have tested most of the new webinar tools in depth. My 3 favorites are:

Click on the links to read my reviews.

To learn some smart hacks to increase your webinar conversions, check out this article “Double your sales with high converting webinars“.

Want to do a Facebook Live Video Streaming with pre-recorded video?

Check out my review about LiveCaster or Social Kickstart 2.0.

What tools do I use to create my images?

Image Editing Software
Most of the times, I just use the free image editor and search for free copyright images on

I used to use the (free access but with option to buy images via the built-in library) if I needed more inspiration and expect to use one of their templates.

However, since I discovered YouZign 2.0, this is my favorite image finder/editor.

Finally, I use Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX (now combined as bundle in Lifetime Studio FX), to create my product images (as eCovers, box arts, mockups), and social images.

Social Media Tools

Read my article How to build your Tribe besides via email marketing? to see some awesome tools that I use and can recommend.

What tools do I use for (video) advertising on Facebook and YouTube?


For Interests targeting on Facebook, I use Audience Analyzer.

Another application I really like is ConnectExplore.

For video ads on YouTube where you want to target specific video URLs, I use Video Drill to find and scrape videos with proper keywords and significant views.

Custom audiences and retargeting

For 3 awesome tools to create custom audiences based on real website, video watching, and email behavioral actions, read the last part of this article How to build your Tribe besides via email marketing?

Or just visit my reviews for these 3 products directly:

  • ConnectRetarget. [Cloud-based software] Create custom audiences based upon real actions your visitors took on your web page as the Time they spend on your Site, How far they scrolled down your page, which Browser Language they use, Page they came from (Referral Source), Number of Visits, Date of Visit, Visiting Device, Number of Sessions, and UTM Campaign data.
  • Sprout Audience. [Cloud-based software] Segment and retarget your video viewers based upon the number of seconds they watched your video. It works for Facebook native videos (posts or ads) as well as for embedded videos on your website!
  • ConnectAudience. [Cloud-based software] Create specific (i.e. segmented) Custom Audiences and run email retargeting campaigns on Facebook based upon your email subscribers’ actions.

Facebook Leads Campaigns

I’m using LeadsBridge to connect my Autoresponder (GetResponse) to my Facebook Leads campaigns.

Another option I have tested and approved is ConnectLeads. Yes, from the same vendor, Wilco de Kreij, as the other 2 products. Actual, if you’ll buy ConnectRetarget, you’ll get access to the 3 other Connectio products for a free trial month to try them out.

If you find the Connect products too expensive and just need a simple integration tool for connecting your Autoresponder with Facebook Leads, check out SyncLeads (another product I have resell rights for and sell on

Spying on your competitors ad campaigns

Read my article How to spy on your competitors? to discover how you can spy on other people’s ad campaigns and what free and paid tools you can use.

Chatbots, Chat Apps, and What’s New?

I use HelloTars, an engaging tool to create chatbots.

And the free chat app, that I use on GeorgesReviews, is Zoho SalesIQ.

To inform you about what’s new on all my blogs, I use Beamer (Use Coupon Code “beamer20x3” to get 20% off for the first 3 months).

Recommended Free Resources

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