Top 10 JVZoo Affiliates 2017 and what you can learn from them

Who Are the Top Affiliates on JVZoo?

On January 9, 2018, Laura Casselman from the JVZoo team, published a “status update” about the Highest JVZoo Performers for 2017 inside the official JVZoo Facebook Group.

She honored the Top 10 Affiliates and Top 10 Vendors for 2017.

For the top vendors, I want to refer to my article The Top 25 Best Selling Products on JVZoo where I analyzed top selling products that still can be bought and were launched during the last 3 years.

In this article, I’ll discuss the…

Top 10 JVZoo Affiliates 2017

  1. Sorin Asaftei
  2. Todd Gross
  3. Sam Bakker
  4. Andrew Darius
  5. Joey Xoto, Jamie Garside & David Chamberlain – Viddyoze
  6. Martin Crumlish
  7. Simon Hodgkinson & Jeremy Gislason – Promote Labs
  8. Karthik Ramani
  9. Ben Murray
  10. Richard Fairbairn

With runners-up as Mike From Maine (11), Brett Rutecky (12), Paul Ponna (13), Cyril Gupta (14), Dr. Amit Pareek (15), Matt Bush (16), Joshua Zamora (17), Ray Lane (18), Venkata Ramana (19), and Abhi Dwivedi (20).

So, let’s start to know these affiliates better…

#1 Sorin Asaftei

Sorin Asaftei

Sorin Asaftei is a 26-year-old guy from Romania specialized in Media Buying.

Last week, probably as result for becoming the overall Top 2017 Affiliate, Carrie Medford did an interview with Sorin that has been published on JVZoo’s blog.

As Sorin is a “closed book” for me, I hoped to get more info about his tactics and strategies.

But nope… he is still a “miracle”.

What’s for sure is that he knows how to get traffic via advertising, convert it into sales, and getting awesome results by promoting affiliate products.

For me, it’s almost unbelievable that he beats all other affiliates “just” with his advertising campaigns and (as far as I know) with just one major successful product launch, Video Motion Pro.

Sorin is certainly someone to model but unfortunately I don’t know how… yet…

So let’s move to number 2…

#2 Todd Gross

Todd Gross

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen Todd Gross as “Video Spokesman” for many product launches on JVZoo.

With his working background as “The Weatherman” for a popular TV Channel, Todd was one of the first internet marketers who used video marketing. Not only for his own products, but also for many other (video marketing related) products as co-launcher (as VideoBuilder App and VideoPal for example).

As the top 5 best selling products on JVZoo from the last 3 years are all Video Creation tools, it’s no surprise that Todd with his huge “Video Marketing List” is the number 1 Affiliate on JVZoo since 2014!

Of course, there is more than a huge email list. The fact that Todd has a charismatic, open and trustworthy presence and many years of TV/video presenting experience makes him not only the ideal spokesperson for your sales videos, but also allows him to easily create a very professional demo or bonus video for the product.

What is Todd Gross’ Marketing Strategy?

Todd is mainly building his email list from the buyers of his product (co)launches. Most of the times, he just send emails about upcoming new product launches. The emails are often short, sometimes contains an “animated video gif” to grab attention, and Todd always refers/links to his video demo/bonus page.

And because his main niche is Video Marketing, I don’t think Todd is segmenting his lists.

His bonus pages are all setup the same way. Hence, Todd can easily outsource the page setup and only has to take the videos himself.

Of course, due to the volume he can into the launch, Todd can often offer specific (White Label) bonuses especially created for him by the seller.

But this can be said for all the Top 10 affiliates on this page. So, it isn’t a real advantage. However, it is in comparison to you and me (smaller affiliates) who can’t offer these kind of “private made” bonuses.

Furthermore, I can’t remember seeing Todd doing Facebook Marketing or Advertising. Also he doesn’t rely on SEO. (His pages are not optimized for SEO and he even has no homepage for his bonus website!)

So, overall a very simple marketing strategy that everyone can “copy”. And yes, many other affiliates use the same system!

#3 Sam Bakker

Sam Bakker
Sam is the king of new (software) product launches on JVZoo. He cooperates with several developers where his team does all the marketing around the product. Sam has recently worked together with these product creator/developers (among others):

  • Brad Stephens (SocialOptimizer, Video Drill),
  • Justin Burns (Bolt Publisher),
  • Rohit Shah (Revamply),
  • Keith Gosnell (Engage Builder).

But Sam also has launched video courses as JVZoo Academy, where he reveals about how to get success on JVZoo as Affiliate and Product Vendor, and Funnel Secrets, where he reveals how to set up sales funnels for maximum conversions.

Due to all these launches, it’s no wonder that Sam has a huge “buyers” list.

He has streamlined his business into perfection. All his email campaigns (AWeber) are about new product launches and have the same structure. Actually, his structure is that good that many other marketers have copied his email structure!

As Kiwi (from New-Zealand with half a day time ahead of US subscribers), it’s now very easy for him to setup his email campaigns (with 5-7 emails) in advance. You know 2-3 email before launch, one at launch time, one after the first hour(s) to remind them about early bird period, and 1 to 3 emails about “end of launch is coming”.

Maybe you don’t like to be “sold” all-the-time and don’t need getting 5 or 6 emails during the launch promoting the same product. However, it’s proven to be very effective. And yes, you may loose subscribers, but the ones you’ll keep on your list are often very interested in new products and the bonuses they could get.

Sam leads all his email subscribers to a walk-through/bonus page on And although, as far as I can see, Sam doesn’t link to his bonuses “home” page (from his emails), I think that this a great page to “copy” (use as base for your own bonus overview page).

(Note: Sam uses OptimizePress for his bonuses homepage, but the Bonus pages are created with IGLOO)

Although Todd Gross is using all kind of video platforms to show his demo/bonus videos, Sam is always using YouTube. And I think that is smart. This way he can build a following on YouTube as well (note: his Channel has 2,4K subscribers).

Speaking about structuring your business, you probably noticed that Sam Bakker also uses the same format for his sales pages and funnel setup all the time. It’s just fill in the blanks simple, but again highly effective!

As Todd Gross, Sam doesn’t use Facebook or other Social Media (except YouTube) to build his tribe.

Lesson: Keep It Stupid Simple and structure and automate all your processes.

#4 Andrew Darius

Andrew Darius

Andrew Darius is the CEO of Explaindio LLC. You know the vendor of Explaindio 4.0, JVZoo’s top selling video creator tool for animated videos. But also vendor of several other top selling products as ClipGraph, FlickGIF, FlickDramatizer, FanInviter, and FanContact.

Andrew’s background is software developer, but over time he developed his marketing skills. Now, he is the king of creating huge sales funnels with even up to 57 products inside!

Yes, for some people too much and overwhelming. But think about this, why won’t you try to sell as much as possible after someone buys his first product. Still, the best moment is when someone is in the buying mode and having his credit card in his hand! And Explaindio LLC has many “related” products to offer.

Anyway, you know now how he builds his email list (he uses SendLane). His email and bonus “strategy” doesn’t differ from Todd Gross or Sam Bakker (just small details).

However, Andrew is building his list on Facebook (Facebook Likes & Messenger) as well.

Plus he uses “Browser Notifications” requests on his bonus pages, you know those “annoying” popups asking if you want to receive browser notifications.

As FB Notifications, Browser Notifications, and FB Messenger are relatively new to build your tribe, I expect other JVZoo top affiliates to use these more and more… (So, when will Sam Bakker and Todd Gross use one or more of these new ways?)

#5 Joey Xoto, Jamie Garside & David Chamberlain (Viddyoze)

Joey Xoto Jamie Garside David Chamberlain

As the number 1 vendor on JVZoo in 2017 with products as Viddyoze, Viddyoze Live Action, and Graphitii, the Viddyoze Team has built a huge customer database.

In comparison to other affiliates, the Viddyoze Team picks only “the best” affiliate offers to promote tailored to their “video marketing” niche.

No wonder, that in case they do promote a JVZoo affiliate product, they get sales (and don’t burn their list).

#6 Martin Crumlish + YouZign Team

Martin Crumlish Bertranddo Magnus

Martin Crumlish has launched several great products on JVZoo as SocialSurveys, Vote Stream, #Gifzign, Vyper, and YouZign 2.0 , and zSuite. Especially YouZign that has been integrated in zSuite was a big hit.

Martin use the same business model as all marketers above. He always puts a demo video on his bonus page. His bonus pages used to be on one domain (without homepage), but recently he uses another domain and interesting…

he bought a special domain for the big Viddyoze Live Action launch…

Something to consider to do for a big launch to get some extra SEO traffic especially from Bing/Yahoo where exact domain match still get higher rankings. (note: Google don’t care about exact names in the URL)

Martin always tries to add relevant bonuses. Sometimes he “creates” or uses software he already owns “to complete” the purchase.

Another distinctive point to mention is that Martin allows his buyers always to keep the bonuses even if they refund their purchase.

#7 Simon Hodgkinson & Jeremy Gislason

Simon Hodgkinson Jeremy Gislason

Simon and Jeremy (Promote Labs Inc) are the creators/vendors of Conversion Gorilla, Commission Gorilla, Post Gopher, ProductDyno, Split Test Monkey, and Monkey Player.

All quality products with lots of clients who also buy their affiliate promos. Simon and Jeremy also created a huge list of lead magnets and PLR material. Either as product that you can buy but also often to give away as bonuses (for buying via their affiliate links).

#8 Karthik Ramani, Neil Napier & Chad Nicely

Karthik Ramani Neil Napier Chad Nicely

Although Karthik was the real number 8 in 2017, two of his partners Neil and Chad ended in the top 20.

They often operate as team to get on the Affiliate leaderboards, but they also work independently from each other.

All 3 are product creators and sold many products on JVZoo.

Neil Napier has launched these current available products in the JVZoo marketplace: AdHero, Visibily, PrezHero, Webinar X, Press Label, Ad Connect, SiteSync, and SyndRanker.

Neil is the “Webinar King” and has awesome presenting skills. He has a huge following of people who like his webinars…

His webinars – he is using GoToWebinar – starts often one hour before the product goes live. During the webinar, Neil takes the time to show all the details of the product and discusses the OTO’s as well. Often he can offer a “discount” or “coupon code” for buying the complete funnel at once. No wonder, he often crashes the leaderboard from the start.

Neil is so good at webinar converting that often product vendors will hire him directly to do an early bird webinar (all affiliates send traffic to this early bird webinar).

There aren’t many affiliates who do live demos or webinars.

Chad Nicely is one of them but I don’t know many others…

Maybe, it’s because of the lack of good Webinar Software, but I think that isn’t the real issue with GTW alternatives as Webinar JEO, EasyWebinar, and WebinarJam.

I know Google Hangouts is less popular, but Facebook Live is a great free alternative.

Of course, it takes time to become a good presenter, but why not use this technique yourself?

Start with Facebook Live and take the time to demo the product and answer question from potential buyers inside Facebook.

Or if you really want to kill it with webinars, read this post Double your sales with high converting webinars.

What about Karthik Ramani?

Karthik has a developer background and launched all kinds of software products on JVZoo (sometimes together with Chad Nicely) as QuizFunnels, EasyLinks, InstaStore, and EverLesson.

Karthik uses the same “business model” as many others. Build your buyer lists (segmented by products bought) and send out daily emails (AWeber + IContact) with links to bridge bonus pages.

His bonus pages are hosted on some of his (old) product domains and are not connected to each other (no separate bonus home page or website). The bonus pages are created with OptimizePress or he uses the HTML formats given by the vendors.

Of course, he adds additional specific bonuses that he gets from the vendor or he uses his own products.

Lesson: if you lack presenting skills, partner up with someone with excellent presenting skills as Neil Napier & Chad Nicely.

#9 Ben Murray

Ben Murray

Ben Murray sold several products as vendor on JVZoo as MultiStore Builder, SharpSocial (among many now closed offers).

Ben always does a video demo/review on his bonus blog. Actually he operates his business the “Sam Bakker” way.

#10 Richard Fairbairn & Paul Okeeffe

Richard Fairbairn Paul Okeeffe

Richard and Paul launched several products on JVZoo as Cliks It, Kickstart Survey, LeadIn, Tracks Social, Saas Rebrander.

However, this is not the main reason that they are so successful as affiliate and increase their buyers list really fast…

No, they are using and mastering this very smart tactic

Instead of just giving regular bonuses, Richard often gives “White Label” bonuses to his buyers for all kinds of software. Software that he either has developed himself or bought under private label. In both cases, he fully re-brands these products with new unique product logos, names and product boxes. And the best part…

Every time a buyer sells or gives away the software to someone else, Richard builds his buyers list! (Because people have to register themselves with their email addresses).

Furthermore, Richard sets up a smart bonus campaign for every new launch he promotes. On his website InspiredSoft, he creates special bonus pages where he gives free bonuses to download directly. (By giving away free stuff, people will stay on his lists!)

But that’s not all, often you can only get additional free bonuses if you register via email to be informed when the product goes live. On the “Live Bonus Page” you’ll find the free extra bonuses, but also all the bonuses that you’ll get if you’ll buy the product via his affiliate link. (To increase conversions, Richard often adds “limited time” or “limited number” to these bonuses)

Besides creating “buzz” and “scarcity” about an upcoming launch, Richard has segmented his lists into sublists for every product he promoted/sold himself, or was sold by someone else!

As far as I can see, Richard uses ClickFunnels‘ built-in Actionetics as Autoreponder service. A great new way to combine your funnels and email marketing and really get proper information about what your prospects/clients are doing.

Lesson: bonuses with Resell or White Label Rights are becoming more and more important to convince people to buy via your affiliate link. Just giving away products for personal usage is often not enough. So you either use your own products to give away with RR/WL rights, or you’ll have to build a library of products that you can offer as bonus with RR/WL rights.

Other Affiliates to follow

Brett Rutecky & Mike Thomas

Brett Rutecky Mike from Maine

Brett Rutecky has a background as freelance software developer and after creating and selling his first product on the Warrior Forum, he never left the internet marketing world and started his own blog,, with reviews about new product launches.

Brett was kind of unique by giving his clear opinion about a product. If he didn’t like a product, he explained it and gave it a bad review (he actually marked the product as “Rejected”).

So, he developed a lot of goodwill in the eyes of potential buyers, but also some new “enemies” on the side of product vendors. After 2 years, he decided to only place “quality” and “approved” products on his blog, but still with his findings and issues he found on the way.

(BTW Brett has created Review Wizard, a video training – showing you in over-the-shoulder videos how he is running his review blog. Plus you also get the review WordPress plugin he is using)

Anyway, why do I tell this story?

Because I don’t want you (as a product reviewer) to make the same “mistake”.

If you are scamming or just don’t like a new product, it’s better to not write about it (and spend your time by “reviewing” only quality products). The internet marketing world is a small one and product vendors won’t work with you anymore or worse threaten you (legally, professionally, and even physically – Brett’s words).

As a result, due to this “mechanism”, it’s very hard to find real and honest product reviews (mentioning all kind of shortcomings, faults, bugs, and telling you about bad vendor “habits”).

This is also the reason that I only review quality products and removed the 5-star ratings from (as the product is of high quality, I can only give a 4, 4.5 or 5 star rating, and that’s not enough distinction).

During last years Brett also created several software (and training) products. Maybe you can remember Autonars, Affiliate Trax, and MailIt (among others)…

Brett launched all these 3 products (and others) together with Mike Thomas…

Mike is more the marketing man. He has his own review blog Daily, Mike does a video interview with the product vendor in his “Live Show” about an upcoming new product.

His “tribe” really likes this style of product reviews because you can see who’s behind the product and you can learn more about the history of the product (besides of course that you can see the product demo).

Mike is also very transparent by showing his monthly income statements. And he shows exactly how much he earned from his affiliate commissions (on a product by product base).

I think the open transparency attitude/mind of both marketers, is the reason why they work together and have a huge following audience.

As affiliate marketers, what do they different than others?

They both use email marketing as main income model, but they also rely on free traffic from Search Engines by having authority review blogs that rank quite well in Google and videos on YouTube.

Brett is keeping everything in side his blog (reviews, bonuses, freebies and his products). This is rather unique, he has no other domains or landing pages, but it improves his SEO rankings!

Mike on the other side, is also active on Social Media. He has his own Mike From Main Facebook Group where he does Facebook Live Interviews with product vendors.

Mike also creates a new Pinterest Board for every product he reviews. I don’t know how interesting and successful these are, but (for me) it’s something to consider.

Both are not “over spamming” you with 6-7 emails a day, but 1-3 a day (early bird, launch, and reminder email).

Brett uses his own software MailIt to send out his emails. Mike uses “good old” AWeber.

Ankur Shukla, Abhi Dwivedi & Cyril Gupta

Ankur Shukla Abhi Dwivedi Cyril Gupta

These 3 affiliates often partner together for the affiliate leaderboards and are all independent product vendors on JVZoo. Ben and Abhi also launched several products together.

Below a list of products they are selling on JVZoo:

All have the same affiliate business model. Using their buyers email lists to send daily promo campaigns like the model of Sam Bakker.

All use a bonus page as bridge page and send out multiple emails a day.

All use their own products (with RR or White Label rights) to give away as extra bonuses.

What can you learn from JVZoo Top Affiliates

Common practices of JVZoo’s Top Affiliates

Although I already described several tips and tricks above, this is a quick overview of the best practices that you can “copy” from the Top Affiliates and use yourself.

  • Be yourself and show who you are. Don’t hide yourself. All Top Affiliates are not afraid to be on camera and show what they are doing and telling more about themselves. You can’t make “big money” by being anonymous and just sending traffic directly to the sales page.
  • Sell your own products on JVZoo or be a launch partner. All top affiliates have launched their own products. Not only to build their email lists with new fresh buyers, but also to partner with other product vendors and affiliates. Reciprocity is very important on the JVZoo platform. You know, “I’ll promote your launch if you’ll promote my launch”.
  • Partner with other affiliates/vendors. You can’t do everything yourself and be good at all aspects of Affiliate Marketing (or Product Launching). Look for partners who have skills you don’t have and vise versa.
  • Listbuilding & Email Marketing is King. The number one way to get huge affiliate income is to build your “buyers” list (by selling your own products) and email them every day about new product launches (and don’t be afraid to email more than once a day). And don’t send out just a single email, treat all your emails as part of a campaign. This way you can build up your emails with different hooks/angles. Also it allows you to reference to earlier and/or coming emails (tell what’s coming and to expect). However,…
  • List Segmentation is less important (than most of you think). The Top Affiliates above don’t segment their email list into much detail.
  • You don’t need advanced Autoresponders. Although you have better segmentation options with ESP/Autoresponders as ActiveCampaign, Drip or ConvertKit, the Top 10 affiliates use a “basic” EDP/Autoresponder as AWeber or send from their own server and/or use email delivery services as SendGrid (to cut costs).
  • Promote only 1 product per day and be consistent. Setup/schedule all your emails in advance. Your email subscribers expect your emails on time. They are looking for early bird bonuses and want to compare them with other affiliates. You’ll loose subscribers if you don’t send out emails or send them too late.
  • Use awesome Bonuses to improve conversions. Just the standard bonuses that the vendor will offer are not enough. Give high-perceived value bonuses as products with Resell or White Label rights, add relevant “tailor made” bonuses, (let buyers keep the bonuses even if they refund later), give access to your prior or future products, etc.
  • Use a “Bridge Page” between your email and the sales page. Don’t send your email readers directly to the sales page but instead use a Bonus Page with your demo/review video on top (or use the demo video of the vendor).
  • Use a separate website for your “Bonus” pages. Use the same template and Page Builder (WP Profit Builder, OptimizePress, IGLOO), or ClickFunnels.

OK, I now think you can “model” the Top 10 Affiliates above, but be yourself and find your unique way to serve the market.

Affiliate Competition

How can you (as affiliate) “compete” with these top affiliates?

Well, as you could read between the lines, the Top Affiliates leave room for some improvements… For example…

  • Experiment with other communication media than email as “FB Notifications”, “FB Messages”, and “Browser Notifications”. See How to build your Tribe besides via email marketing?
  • Start a review blog or review channel on YouTube and optimize for Search Engines. Only Brett and Mike have an authority review blog! All others in the top 10 only use bonus pages that don’t rank in the Search Engines.
  • Write in-depth reviews or create in-depth videos while not only showing all the benefits but also the shortcomings.
  • Show the whole Funnel (all OTOs). People want to know if there are upsells and what they are. So tell them, and give extra bonuses for the upsells as well.
  • Use Webinars, YouTube Livestreams, or Facebook Live for product demos/reviews/launch updates.
  • Use Social Media. Build your tribe via Social Media as Facebook Fanpages, Groups, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Use Paid Advertising. Especially with Facebook & YouTube video advertising (still relatively cheap traffic) or Bing/Yahoo PPC. See How to create attention grabbing video ads without being a pro in video creation?
  • Go evergreen. The Top Affiliates only promote during launch. You can still promote affiliate products there after. (Actually, I make more money from my reviews after the launch than during the launch!)
  • Improve your email marketing and copy writing skills. See Email Marketing Tips: What you can learn from 2 billion sent emails.
  • Give quality free products/content. To keep people motivated to open your emails, give them free products, tips and/or other valuable information.
  • Don’t promote a different product every day. To improve your trustworthy, only select quality products to promote. Or “copy” Michael Cheney’s method (The Commission Machine or Commission Black Ops) and promote one single product for 5-7 days, but use a different angle/hook in the emails you’ll send out every day (I love Michael’s humor and creativity).
  • Be personal and helpful. Use your emails to tell about your daily live, hobbies, struggles, and other interesting personal facts. And try to really help people.
  • Be niche specific. Only promote products in sub niches of Internet Marketing as Video Marketing, Facebook Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Email Marketing etc.
  • Go beyond the JVZoo platform. The Top Affiliates tend to promote only products offered on JVZoo. They incidentally promote products from Warrior+ or Clickbank. And if they promote products from other affiliate platforms (f.e. PayDotCom, PayKickStart, and Zaxaa), these vendors usually have a JVZoo background. But nothing stops you (as affiliate) from selecting products to promote from other affiliate platforms. Just don’t forget your main customer’s profile (avatar) and promote only offers that suits them.

Beat the JVZoo Affiliate Competition

How much money can you make as affiliate on JVZoo?

(Note: to register yourself as affiliate or product vendor on JVZoo, you’ll need a different account besides your “buyers” account with different PayPal (business) account)

The JVZoo platform is for solo entrepreneurs or small businesses with up to 10 staff offering mainly products in the Internet Marketing niche. (Most of the times, product creators/vendors work with freelancers and partner up with other affiliates/vendors)

There is a price maximum (you won’t find many products above $500.00).

And in the last 3 years, there were less than 10 products with a sales over 1 million dollar (funnel sales value).

Also be in mind that 95% of “wannabee work from home internet marketers” won’t succeed and ultimately leave the scene…

And you’ll agree that… to be successful on JVZoo… and make 7 figures a year…

You’ll need to launch several products a year (to build your buyers list) and be both a vendor and affiliate.

But maybe you are happy with “just” a 6 figure yearly income as affiliate.

That’s certainly possible, but sooner or later you’ll hit the magic ceiling – your list won’t grow anymore and your monthly income will reach its peak.

(To give you an idea, the “magic affiliate ceiling” lies somewhere between $150-200K income per year)

The only way to break through the ceiling is to launch your own products, and/or partner with other vendors/affiliates.

But don’t forget, you can always increase your income by promoting products outside JVZoo, utilizing your online marketing experience and offering services to local business, or entering other niches.

I wish you all the best on the JVZoo platform (either as vendor or affiliate).

Questions or comments are welcome…

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