How to use Avatars or Spokespersons inside your video or on your website!

How to use Avatars and Spokespersons

Do you want to use a video to welcome your website visitors?

Or do you want to demonstrate or sell your products by using professional videos?

But don’t want to be on camera yourself?

Either because you are “camera shy” or just think you are not looking great or professional enough on video.

Well, why not use professional spokespersons or avatars?

If your answer is: “Great solution but too expensive”… read on…

Because in this article I will introduce you 8 great (and really affordable) tools and sources that anybody can use without any technical experience.

Professional Spokespersons vs Avatars

Both have their pros and cons…

With real spokespersons, you’ll need a script and record the video while the person is speaking your text. Hence, you’ll have to hire someone (either on a platform as Fiverr or via a professional studio).

Or, as you’ll see below, you can use spokespersons templates (i.e. prerecorded videos) that you can adjust and use for your own videos.

With an avatar, on the other hand, you’ll have other options such as animations, text-to-speech (computer) voice-overs, and lip synchronization.

And did you know that you can remove the background of your Avatars/Spokespersons videos and play them automatically (in one of the corners) on your web pages to emphasize certain parts of your website or welcome your visitors?

So, let’s discuss 8 popular tools, and see how you can use them as stand-alone application or combine them.

For your convenience, below the links to go directly to the sales page, funnel (and bonus) details, or read my review first (if applicable):

EZ Spokesperson Creator

As the name implies, EZ Spokesperson Creator is cloud-based software tool to easily and quickly create professional-quality commercials/videos with live-action spokesperson models in just a few minutes. Comes with dozens of Video Templates on a wide variety of topics (Facebook, Ecommerce, Local Business Videos, Amazon, etc.), Backgrounds, Lower Thirds Graphics, Soundtracks and more…

The tool is very easy to use. Just follow these steps:

  • Choose one of the 50+ pre-made commercial templates in a variety of niches and topics (local business commercials).
  • Customize your Spokesperson by editing/selecting the Background, Text, Lower Third Graphics, and Sountrack.
  • Download and Publish your High Definition video on your site/blog or on Social Media, or video platform as YouTube or Vimeo. You can even sell the videos you produce!

Although you can use the templates as stand-alone videos, the main concept is to embed these template videos as intro and/or outro around your own video to give it more authority and a personal/human look.

For example, introduce your videos, emphasize parts of your videos, or close video with an engaging Call to Action.

Watch the demo video below…

VideoBuilder App Logo

VideoBuilder App is a compact and easy to use cloud-based video editor to create stunning 3D and motion animation videos in minutes. You can easily add a wide array of text effects, motion animations, lower-thirds, intro and outro videos. It comes with built-in media library with hundreds of royalty free images, videos, and music for your videos.

But as most exciting feature, you can select and create 3D life-like Male and Female Avatars (choose from over 47 different voices and accidents) and let them speak with your own text by using new amazing Lip-Syncing Text-to-Speech technology (or use your own voice).

Watch the demo video below…

VideoPal Logo

The same vendors, Todd Gross and Paul Ponna, of VideoApp Builder, also created VideoPal. With VideoPal you can show lifelike Avatars or real life spokesmen with transparent background on your website (in the corner of your screen). Great for short explainer and attention grabbing messages to emphasize certain content on your website.

Watch the demo video below…

What’s the difference between VideoPal and VideoBuilder App?

Well, with VideoPal you can create transparent stunning looking 2D/3D Animated or “live” Video Spokespersons who directly talk to the web page visitors from a corner in the screen as overlay above any web page you want. The Characters can either play your own voice, read a pre-defined script or actually read the text you provide.

While VideoBuilder App is a video editor/creator tool where you can not only use the improved Lip-Sync text to speech technology to create Avatar videos, but you can create all kinds of other videos.

Both applications use the same life-like text-to-speech technology to generate clean, smooth, and well-spoken speech from any text script in 24 languages and with over 47 voices (male and female) and even various English accents!

However, only VideoBuilder App has the new Lip-Sync feature.

Tip: you can use the built-in Avatars of VideoBuilder App into VideoPal. Therefore, you have to create your video in VideoBuilder App (just choose your Avatar and add your text) with one extra step: add a green screen background (as extra track) and render your video in VideoBuilder App and upload your new video in VideoPal as you can see in the demo video below…

With respect to the Avatars. The Avatars are different in both applications. Actually, I like the Avatars in VideoPal more (they look more human).

Also, VideoPal comes with the human “Avatars”. VideoBuilder App only has animated Avatars.

As you can import your own media in both applications, you can use both applications together!

Actually, that’s what I do recommend. Now, you have the advantages of both applications working for you…

Oh, and if you were wondering…

Can I use EZ Spokesperson Creator or EZ Video Reviews with VideoBuilder App?

Yes, you can! Watch this demo video to give you some ideas…

Update: the same vendors came recently with a new video platform called VideoRobot that comes with some of the same 3D Avatars and elements as in VideoPal and VideoBuilder App.


However, VideoRobot is more an all-in-one video platform to create all kinds of videos. Not only for creating 3D Avatar videos but it comes with way more features as video templates and effects for Kinetic Motion Animation and Whiteboard videos.

It comes with 300 Templates to create your Explainer, Whiteboard or Kinetic Animation video with a few clicks. And has amazing features as built-in Male and Female Voiceovers, Pattern interrupts, Dynamic Animations, 3D Avatars with Real-time Lyp Sync, Logo Intros, Lower Thirds, Outros, Green Screen removal, One-click Translation, and industry-leading Text-to-Speech conversion.

Read my VideoRobot review to check out all the details.

Storyxy Interactive Engaging 3D Videos

Storyxy created by the team of Explaindio is another new desktop software (for PC/Mac) to easily create engaging 3D animated Explainer videos with avatars who can speak any text you want.

It also uses advanced “text to life like speech” and “lip sync” technology.

But as most important feature…

You can use multiple avatars inside your video and the avatars can have a true conversation with each other.

Hence, perfect for showing different product features/benefits, or for Q&A videos where one character asks a question and another character answers that question!

So, here you have it. All the tools you can use to create high converting videos by either using Avatars of real Spokespersons.

And you can use these videos either for your own business or sell them to local clients for any price you want!

All products come with a bunch of templates for different uses and in different niches (local businesses).

And you can combine all the templates, graphics, avatars, spokespersons from the different apps to really create attention grabbing (green screen) videos with the perfect Avatar or Spokesperson for your particular project.

Don’t want to buy all 8 apps?

First decide whether you want to use 3D Animation Characters/Avators, or want to go for real live spokespersons.

For Live Spokespersons, start with EZ Spokesperson Creator.

For 3D Animation, start with either VideoBuilder App or VideoRobot, and later invest in one or more of the other 7 tools.

Note: if you want to sell these kind of videos to (local) clients and need a website to offer your services?

Choose for VideoRobot where you can get (as bonus) an awesome professional Agency Website fully designed with eye-catching graphics, professional sales video by Todd Gross, and copywriting done by a world class copywriter.

Looking for other tools to create short videos or video ads?

Read this article How to create attention grabbing video ads without being a pro in video creation?

Questions? Contact me or leave your reply in the comments below.

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