About George Eeken

George Eeken - Author GeorgesReviews.comHi, my name is George Eeken. 53 years old, living in Voorhout, the Netherlands, together with my girlfriend José (no kids but love them).

I like sports as squash, running, snowboarding and soccer.

I am self-employed and working as Consultant, Internet Marketer, Blogger and Trainer/Coach.

My passions are trying to understand human behavior and help other people to achieve their goals, passions and dreams.

The question I always ask: How to reach your goals in the shortest time?

I am a strong believer in modeling successful people and their businesses. If someone has done it before you can do it too. As NLP Master Practitioner I have learned smart ways to model successful people.

And I know it isn’t just what successful people do, but mostly what they think and believe that determines their success. So by copying their affirmations, visualization and mindset, you can achieve your goals faster and way easier than without this knowledge.

I strongly believe that by using the best tools and techniques you can improve your learning curve even further. That’s why I try to stay up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques. I love to test them out and write reviews about them. You will only find the best products and services that I also use myself (or if it’s a new product will buy and use myself).

Although I own over 60 websites (mainly review sites) in different niches for evergreen products, I’m also active in the Internet Marketing niche…

On this blog GeorgesHacks.com, you primarily find tips, tricks, shortcuts (hacks), and strategies for Internet Marketers.

On GeorgesReviews.com you primarily find in depth reviews about the best and latest software and info products for Internet Marketers.

I only promote products I use or have used myself. All have great reviews, significant sales and low refund rates. I try to promote offers from reliable and trustworthy sellers with excellent track record about customer support and are in business for a while.

All review websites have in common that I always give bonuses if you buy through my affiliate links. Mostly by giving bonus points that you can change for great info products on SelectYourBonus.com, such as WP Plugins, PDF and video courses etc.

Sometimes, you can even choose (as extra bonus) one or more products for free on my special deal page: GeorgesDeals.com. Here, you’ll find all “my” products, where I’ve bought or got the Resell or White Label Rights for. So check them out, you’ll always get a special deal and my full support.

Finally, for most products you’ll buy via my affiliate links, I can offer a cash rebate of 12,5%. Therefor I have a special website GeorgesRebates.com to claim your rebate amounts.

I wish you all the best with achieving your goals, passions and dreams.

Ask Me Anything

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any question you have. I really want to help you out.

As you know, there are many internet marketing related products coming to the market everyday. I know most of them and based upon your situation, I can tell you if you’ll really need them or inform you about better alternatives.

The best way to contact me? Send your email to [email protected].

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